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Patio Black Spot Remover for Natural stone – 4 Litres
Reviewer: Pauline Simpson from Wokingham, Berkshire   5 Stars
I was quite sceptical but James suggested I try a small amount first and I was ‘blown away’ with the immediate transformation of our patio. I immediately called for the remaining quantity I needed to complete the job. Six months later we are still delighted with the outcome and with the full colour that has been restored to the stones (Indian Sandstone). James has been very helpful and I’m about to order the Preventer to keep our patio gleaming. It’s expensive but effective.

A recent review from one of our customers

Review of the Black Spot Removal Company’s Block Paving Cleaner


A few years ago we built a new York stone patio which sadly was blighted by an ever increasing coverage of black spots.   We tried many ways to remove these blackspots as did builders, gardeners and others. Nothing made an impact until we approached the Black Spot Removal Company. With a company name like that who would not give them a try !   The products are so effective it is just amazing. Their range was recently extended to include block paving.   Our driveway was also suffering from black spot and had lost its original colour.   It was with confidence that I applied the cleaner and my faith was justified. The investment in the driveway was once again rewarded. Apart from the fantastic transformation the other great thing about the product is the ease of applying it ; just spray the cleaner on the stone, wait and then wash it off.   Gone are the days of using the high pressure washer being used at the highest setting (with little result) and gone also is the need to replace the lost sand. I happily recommend this company to all my friends, and anyone else who will listen.   I am one very happy customer.


Peter Blacow

Indian Sandstone

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This is a before and after of a 12 year old Indian Sandstone terrace. As you can see the vibrant colours and natural beauty of the stone had been spoilt with the blooms of Patio Black Spots. Our product, Patio Black Spot Remover for Natural Stone, has not only remove those spots but also restored the natural colour back into the stone leaving it looking as good as the day it was laid. for more info visit our home page at